Before making the payment, we issue a proforma invoice.

You can pay for services ordered from Dependens in the following form:

– in cash on the spot,

– by transfer to an account maintained at Alior Bank: PL08-2490-0005-0000-4000-3330-7757


– PayPal payment to the account

 After receiving the payment, we issue a final invoice.


Price list

A basic working hour costs € 15 gross. (for every half an hour started, half of this rate).
When making an appointment with the client, we sign a contract and accept an advance payment equivalent to 6-8 hours of research.
Then we evaluate the entire project as well as the time and possibilities of obtaining data.

After the initial inquiry and calculation, we present it to the client, who expresses his will to continue the research or to discontinue it.

After approval, we accept an advance payment to the bank account for the first stage of the research.
After their completion, we settle the costs incurred.

Research is financed in accordance with the order and agreed stages. Each end of the stage is associated with the payment of remuneration and coverage of the costs incurred.

The working time is indefinite. I work day and night. During the research, I accept the suggestions and directions of the research, but I do not answer the questions before the research is completed, because it causes difficulties with the use of working time.
It often happens that the client has a lot of questions that are beyond the cost estimate and answering them is related to the time for which we do not receive remuneration – volunteering, and not work and remuneration.
All doubts are clarified on an ongoing basis.

For foreign orders to Ukraine, it is assumed that the day of departure costs 150 € / the cost of fuel, accommodation, diet, work / and is payable to the account before departure.
The client specifies the number of days for which he pays. In the case of personal involvement on the part of the client, the costs are reduced by tests carried out in person with our participation abroad – transport and arranging accommodation remain at our discretion.
If you do not know the language, we provide personal translations into Russian or Ukrainian during our trips.

We document the research in a manner adopted by the company – with a report and graphically.

In the case of family trees, we offer printing services from a friendly printing house.
The cost depends on the colors and the number of people in the tree.

Field search:
– 25 € for a full hour of searching at the cemetery
– 25 € for every 100 kilometers traveled to and from the place of search
– 2 € for each photo taken at the cemetery.

Archival research:
– 20 € for each started hour of searching in a foreign language
– 15 € for each started hour of searching in Polish
– photocopies according to the rates of the archive.

– importing microfilms with data on civil status records from other centers at actual costs.