About us

Dependens – genealogical research family roots in Poland

I started my genealogical research in 1996.

In my field, I specialize in searching in Poland in the Lublin and Podkarpacie provinces, speaking Polish, Old Church /1868-1915/, Ukrainian and Latin fluently.

Often my area of research is Ukraine and its record resources.

I graduated from law studies. I am interested in the history of the region, graphology and the history of railways.

As a leading project in my search, I am conducting a genealogical analysis of the colonists who came to the Zamoyski Estate in 1785 and their descendants living in the Zamość region today.

I have many publications in the field of genealogy.

I have performed at international conferences in Brzeg near Opole many times.

In my career so far, I have helped in searching for documents for the Pole’s Card for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus, establishing property in Poland for people living in Brazil and Argentina, and in searching for ancestors for people from Australia, Canada, the USA and Switzerland.

I have helped people of Jewish origin several times in establishing their family history.

I am a true specialist in history, genealogy and citizenship. This work is not done „on the side”, but it is the job and passion of my life.

I have earned a reputation for the dedication to my clients and the expertise that only time and hard work can provide.

I offer:

  • The client receives the obtained results in the form of a detailed research report with copies of the obtained documents and photos and other results – in the form of a built genealogical tree, the graphic version of which constitutes an attachment to the report.
  • I run a practice in the field of forensic handwriting examination – I have been an expert expert in this field since 1994. Thanks to this, it reads all entries made by handwriting, and with the help of specialized devices, I also read deleted, erased or damaged records.
  • Editing manuscripts: We conducted Polish-Jewish genealogical and documentary research to confirm citizenship to obtain a Polish passport.
  • Record family history Record and keep your family history. I conduct interviews with living people, establish their stories and connections with the client, take photos of people, graves in cemeteries, documents, and record reports.
  • Polish-Jewish genealogy and documentation: Researching Polish family trees of all faiths, finding records and locating Holocaust documentation from Poland.
  • Assistance in the field of Polish citizenship and passport
    I obtain relevant documents from Poland and other countries, guiding you through all aspects of the application. We have made many applications for Polish citizenship since Poland joined the EU in 2004.
  • Translation services: I personally translate from Polish, Russian, Old Church and German into English, ensuring fast service at reasonable prices.
  • Polish Travel Assistance: I help clients when traveling around Poland by providing services with my own transport in a comfortable car with 9 places, which allows to shorten the time and waiting time in transport and helps in finding places and family roots quickly. Polish travels can be arranged with research in Poland before your arrival to make your trip more meaningful.
  • I also carry out research in the field of collecting DNA material from members of your families living in Poland in order to confirm or exclude kinship.
  • I have often published my achievements in the field of handwriting analysis in specialist studies published in Poland and abroad.

I invite you to cooperation.


My name is Przemysław Portuś and I am the founder of the Dependens company.
I am a lawyer by education. I graduated from the Faculty of Law at UMCS and obtained a master’s degree in administration. I wrote my master’s thesis under the supervision of prof. dr. hab. Artur Korobowicz, passionate about the history of the Duchy of Warsaw.
My master’s thesis is entitled „The system of a rural commune in the Kingdom of Poland according to the Tsar’s decree on the arrangement of peasants from 1864”.
My whole life is in contact with history. During my studies, I had knowledge and experience in translating from the Old Church language as used in records in the Kingdom of Poland from 1868 to 1915.
In addition, as part of the training, I had knowledge of Latin, and English has become one of the many I speak.
For several years I was a forensics expert in the field of document examination in the structures of the Police. Hence, I acquired knowledge to read counterfeit and blurred documents and to read handwriting.
My activity was initiated by my own genealogical research that dates back to 1752. For the time being they have ceased, as the record sources have run out.
I founded my company Dependens in 2011. My basic form was working as a legal advisor in criminal and civil proceedings. During my activity, I noticed that many things are related to the historical aspect and genealogical research.
My principals restoring monuments in cemeteries used my services to identify living descendants of deceased people in order to obtain consent for the renovation of monuments in cemeteries belonging to deceased Polish policemen from the period 1918-1939.
After my in-depth research, we have repeatedly managed to find the families of the fallen policemen by building a family tree based on record sources.
Other clients outside Poland, using my services, could obtain a Pole’s Card, obtain Polish passports, or obtain knowledge about their relatives in Poland.
I photograph cemeteries on a daily basis, I show my clients around south-eastern Poland, describing the history of these lands, and I help them in their genealogical research.
In August 2018, I founded the Zamojszczyzna Genealologists Association in Zamość and I run a group of the same name on facebook.