Time flies inexorably

Time flies inexorably. Subsequent generations pass away, and with them the memory of those who no longer exist. Let us try to save from oblivion the crumbs of memory, the preserved faces, memories, places where we spent our childhood, youth, in which we live.

When the grandparents were alive, hardly anyone was interested in their origins. Now that they are gone, we miss the story of our family’s origins.

If we were born outside the current borders of Poland, we lack the will and faith that something could have survived.

And even if it survived, we do not have the courage to go there and look for our roots.

Many individuals or companies conduct genealogical research, but few do field research in cemeteries by interviewing individuals from the circle of family or friends who remember our relatives.

Therefore, my offer is addressed to all the undecided, to those who are far from the places where they were born or when their age does not allow them to search for their own roots.

I would like to add that I am passionate about history and research, I base it on historical knowledge and the message obtained from the client, reliably referring to the facts and I present all research results objectively. After years of searching, I have the impression that many of us are related.

I present to you my company, which in one of its areas of activity deals with the professional search for ancestors and the creation of family trees.

Search areas are focused on state and church archives at home and abroad, cemeteries at home and abroad, and online searches for data.

In addition, I correspond with the relatives indicated by you or appointed by you in order to fully present the family history.

I have been doing genealogical research since 1996. Feel free to take advantage of my offer.

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